We are Watching This Ugandan Pop Star’s Coronavirus Awareness Song on Loop and So Should You

Screenshot from video uploaded by Bobi Wine / YouTube.

Screenshot from video uploaded by Bobi Wine / YouTube.

How to educate the masses about the menace brought upon by coronavirus on the society? Compose a song about it!

  • Last Updated: March 26, 2020, 10:51 AM IST

What better way to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic than by composing a catchy song around it, right?

First, Pakistan’s Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad Naveed Shahzad took Shah Rukh Khan’s “help” and released a coronavirus awareness song for the citizens to watch and follow to keep the spread of the deadly virus in check.

Then our very own Dhinchak Pooja came up with the gem ‘Hoga Na Corona’.

Now, Ugandan pop star–turned-member of parliament, Bobi Wine along with reggae artist Nubian Li, has taken to the studio to churn out an informative song about necessary steps to follow to keep yourself away from getting infected from the deadly disease.

Bobi Wine doesn’t want you to take the pandemic for granted and humbly asks you to do your bit by maintaining good hygiene and keeping a safe distance from others.

Titled “Corona Virus Alert”, here’s how it goes:

The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim

But the good news that everyone is a potential solution

Sensitise the masses to sanitise

Keep a social distance and quarantine

The coronavirus is sweeping over mankind

Everybody must be alert

It’s a global pandemic we can never take for granted

The Coronavirus disease should not be taken lightly

It’s a matter of life we can never take for granted

Discipline and personal hygiene

And make sure you regularly wash your hands

Keep a distance from everyone

Report anything like a symptom

Serious fever is a symptom

Dry cough is a symptom

You can catch the entire song here:

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