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Road Tripping To Lonavala This Weekend? You Have To Try The Special Corn Bhajiya

Road Tripping To Lonavala This Weekend? You Have To Try The Special Corn Bhajiya


  • Corns are an intrinsic part of Monsoon in India
  • Corn is versatile ingredient
  • Corn Bhaji is a special delicacy from Lonavala

A comfortable window seat, a special playlist and a gust of wind brushing against your cheeks, it only takes a few things to make us fall in love with the idea of road trips and plan one pronto. Exploring local cuisine and munching all through the journey is one of the ways we like to trip across the varied terrains of India. On one such road trip to Lonavala, from Mumbai we chanced upon a special delicacy called corn bhajiya. Lonavala is one of the most preferred locations for a quick getaway for Mumbaikars and people from Pune, especially during monsoons. Amid the pitter-patter, the quiet hill station – popular for its hillocks, caves and picturesque lakes – truly comes alive. Thronged by people basking in nature’s glory, rain-soaked Lonavala is sight to behold around this time. On your way to some of these iconic tourist destinations, do make sure you grab a bite of corn bhajiya along with your hot cup of chai. You will find this crispy blob at famous tourist points like Lion’s Point and Tiger’s point. What is so special about these bhajiyas? Almost every second bhajiya or pakoda tastes delicious with tea if the weather is that great, right? While you are not entirely wrong, but this is a kind of bhajiya you may not find so easily in any other part of this country. Apart from Lonavala, this bhajiya or fritter is also popular in some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

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Corn kernels carefully pulled out of the cobs, tossed in a melange of spices are thrown in a liquid batter of corn flour and besan. A chunk of these kernels coated in batter are deep-fried in oil. When you tear-open the fritter many kernels fall loose, but that still does not stop us to go for another bite and then another. The bhajiya is served hot with a special chilly masala powder; this is the same dry powder that is also served with vada pav. The fiery mix elevates the flavour of the fritter. So make sure you ask for your fill. Some vendors may or may not use onions in the batter. The bhajiya can also be enjoyed with some tomato ketchup. If you think you can recreate the iconic snack in the corners of your kitchen, do send us the recipes and pictures.

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