Ashwin Uses ‘Mankad’ to Remind Why Indians Should Remain ‘Inside’ During 21-Day Lockdown

Image credits: Ravichandran Ashwin / Twitter.

Image credits: Ravichandran Ashwin / Twitter.

Exactly a year ago on March 25, 2019, an incident left the cricket fraternity fuming but now Ashwin is using the same to spread awareness against coronavirus.

  • Last Updated: March 25, 2020, 1:47 PM IST

“Stay inside, stay safe.”

Exactly a year ago on March 25, 2019, an incident left the cricket fraternity fuming after off-spinner and Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed Royals’ batsman Jos Buttler by ‘Mankading’ him.

Ashwin, on sensing that Buttler was backing up too far, paused during his action and removed the bails from the non-strikers’ end. Buttler was left bemused and angry. The on-field umpire went upstairs and ‘Out’ signal flashed on the big screen.

The sight of Ashwin doing a ‘Mankad’ on the field didn’t sit down well with cricketers and fans who termed it “unprofessional,” “ugly,” and against the spirit of the game.

But according to Law 41.16, Ashwin was within his rights to dislodge the bails on the non-striker’s end. The off-spinner stuck by his decision and ever since the dismissal, Ashwin has used the incident in good humour and pulled in fans and critics on his side by asserting that ‘Mankad’ should be more accepted by the lovers of the sport.

On Wednesday, Ashwin used the same incident to remind Indians why they should stay inside the “Lakshman Rekha” to safeguard themselves from getting “dismissed”.

“Hahaha, somebody sent me this and told me it’s exactly been 1 year since this run out happened. As the nation goes into a lockdown, this is a good reminder to my citizens. Don’t wander out. Stay inside, stay safe!” Ashwin tweeted along with the famous photograph of the infamous dismissal.

This was in line with PM Modi’s Tuesday address to the nation, where he announced a 21-day strict lockdown to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus disease. Fans, who are now keeping themselves safe by staying indoors, praised Ashwin for sending the right message out at the right time.

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